Celebrating the life of Kutsira Mathias Chidzudzu

by Gracian Chidzudzu

A no nonsense man who was always teaching life.He went,we will never see him again but his spirit still lives on.His legacy is always there,his words are always remembered by those who were always there near him including his children and family.He could say something which gives a lesson during the times of happiness and sadness.

When dealing with family issues he didn’t expected a member of the family to be absent even a young one.5 years ago the Almighty did his will and took him from us and it was a sad moment and unbelievable.This left his best friend and brother Severino, solely representing him and taking care of the family.When they were all together it was an easy task because the duties were few.

In their life it was very rare to do their duties separated.You could see them together everywhere they go.He was a great man indeed who could socialise with his children mostly boys.I say boys because God blessed him with 14 male children to take care of.After day to day duties at home,he could be heard talking about being a man.

“Hehehe vakomana muchavawo vana baba,muchazvionawo kuti zvinonetsa”(You will be parents and you will see how difficult it is).This was one of the warning he always gave to his children when mischief was about to them.He could no hesitate to warn or caution anyone dispite of his age.This shapened the guys and always took heed of his calls.At one time we were sitting with him but there was something which was eating him.He had seen one of us children with a lady whom he thought this guy was not interested in.He could not hide it.”Vakomana musanyenga vasikana vamusingadi.”(Boys don’t propose ladies you are not inerested in)We just looked at each other’s faces and laugh.”Kana akangotizira ini ndinotengesa mombe idzodzi dzatiri kurima nadzo ndonoroora,”he continued

We still remember him after all these years.As part of celebrating his life the family organised a memorial Mass and unveiled the tombstone.No one could be seen crying because this guy finished his duties and the family is satisfied that his mission was accomplished.

The family also on this date unveiled the tombstone of our grandmother at this colourful ceremony.


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